At the age of 11, Wainman won the Novice Ladies Canadian title in 1979. Instead of graduating to the junior division, she and her coach Ellen Burka decided to leapfrog straight into Senior. Turning 12 in the spring, she won the Thornhill Summer Skate competition later that year, in Senior Ladies. If memory serves correct, she defeated Kay Thomson, her future arch rival, at that competition. I recall reading in the paper that she popped a triple salchow in her long program. In September 1979, she won a bronze medal at Vienna Cup, a Senior B international competition, and I recall reading again that she missed a triple salchow. The winner of that competition was Marina Ignatova of the USSR (who had come 3rd at the 1979 Russian nationals and the 1978 Moscow Skate) and Sonja Stanek of Austria was 2nd. In December 1979, Wainman won the Eastern Divisionals, the qualifying competition for Canadians; I believe that she defeated Kay Thomson at this event, although I remember reading that Thomson won the free skating. Thomson went on the next month to finish 2nd at the World Juniors to Rosalynn Sumners.

If anyone has any knowledge about these competitions or corrections to my recollections, please get in touch or post.


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