1980 St Ivel

The 1980 St Ivel competition in Richmond, London, was Wainman’s first competition after her sensational debut at the 1980 Worlds, and her first appearance on what is now known as the senior Grand Prix circuit. The expectations were huge, and there must have been a lot of pressure on Wainman to win, as the 13-year-old was the wunderkind du jour, and the field was not that tough. In the end, she finished second behind the American skater Sandy Lenz, the 1980 US bronze medalist who ranked 9th at the 1980 Olympics. Wainman actually placed first in the figures, a surprise result given she had been a lowly 21st at the Worlds in that portion of the event. But she couldn’t maintain her lead: in the short program, she had trouble with her nemesis, the double axel-double loop combination. She landed the first jump in such a way that she couldn’t complete the double loop, according to reports I read in Skating and Canadian Skater. And in the long program, “it was not her night”: the reports I read suggested she fell on both her triple salchow and triple toe loop attempts. If this is correct, I believe it marks the last time Wainman attempted a triple toe loop in competition. The report also said she was skating with a bleeding hand, after receiving a cut during the warm-up. Still, a silver at a prestigious international competition is a result, and all the more impressive when you are 13 years old.

If anyone has any further details about this event or video, please post or contact me


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