1983 Eastern Divisionals

Wainman finished second at the 1983 Eastern Divisionals, a qualifying competition, in Rimouski, Quebec (I believe). It did not bode well for the upcoming nationals. She was beaten by Charlene Wong, who was ranked 5th in Canada. Wainman finished ahead of Elizabeth Manley, who was 3rd, but Manley was going through physical and emotional difficulties of her own during the 1982/83 season. Wainman finished 1st in the figures, 2nd in the short program and 3rd in the long. In an interview afterwards, she tried to look on the positive side, saying at least she had completed her first clean short program in a while — but I believe by this time she had reverted to doing an easy double lutz-double toe combination in the short, rather than a double axel or triple salchow.

Wainman skated a “lacklustre” long program, according to The Globe and Mail. She fell on a triple salchow, said the report, but there was no word on whether she landed any double axels. You would think that she would have landed one or two in order to defeat Elizabeth Manley, who finished 4th in the LP. But then Manley was ill, overweight and had lost her hair, and was not being supported by the judges or the CFSA at this time.

If anybody has any more details about Wainman’s skates at this competition, please post or get in touch.


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