1985 Coupe d’Excellence, Montreal

In 1985, in the days before Four Continents, the CFSA sent top-five skaters who didn’t make the World Team to Coupe d’Excellence, a Senior B competition in March or April. Tracey Wainman had not appeared in an international competition since St Ivel in September 1982, so it was a big step after an almost three-year absence, and it must have been a challenge, emotionally, to return to a competition in Montreal, scene of her devastating showing at the 1983 Canadians. From what I have read, the competition went well for her. She finished 4th in a field of 8, but was actually in 1st place after the short program. Her placements were 2nd in figures, 2nd in short and 4th in free. I am deducing she skated a clean short program, probably with a double axel in the combination. And in the long program, she actually skated better than she did in Moncton at her Canadians comeback. She even landed a triple salchow, according to a report in the Montreal Gazette. So it’s strange that she actually fell from 1st to 4th after the long, finishing behind skaters like junior Canadian star Nathalie Sasseville (whom I think won gold) and American junior Kathryn Adams (if memory serves correct). I didn’t see this competition, so if anyone has any further information about it and how she skated, please post or get in touch.


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